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How to Work From Home – Effectively and Efficiently

How to Work From Home - Effectively and Efficiently

Working from home is an opportunity that everyone should be thankful for. However, working from home isn’t easy as one may think. To work effectively and efficiently, here are some tips to follow.

Work Essentials that You Need

Having a working computer makes working from home an accomplishing day. Charge everything the night before so the battery won’t die erasing all the hard work that you just completed.

Make Your Own Schedule

Don’t spend the entire day staring at a computer screen. It’s bad for your eyes. Take a break for lunch, go for a walk outside, and make a plan on how to spend time with the kids. Working from home erases you from social contact during the day so stay connected with friends and family.

Make Your Own Business

If your place of business completely goes out of business, now is the time to make your own business. Sell products over the Internet to make money. If you’re not sure about what products will suit your audience research. Check out what others have been doing, like selling coffee machines or home scents or bed covers.

Importance of Your Own Office Space

Doing work from your bed is not a suitable area. There are too many distractions. To work from home efficiently, make your own office space in a separate part of the house.

Treat it Like a Normal Day

Just because you’re not going into a regular office, does not mean that you should sleep until noon, stay in your jammies all day, or spend half the time you should be working on your phone. Enjoy your time at home. Don’t forget to make it a safe space where you can work efficiently.

How to Stay Connected with your Church during COVID-19

How to Stay Connected with your Church during COVID-19

Communication has been tough since the COVID-19 deterring people from meeting in large social gatherings. No need to fret, there are ways to stay connected with your church during this hard time. Now is the time to think about the positives as we talk about these important ways to stay connected.

The Church is Going Online

Grab your devices and head online to see updates from your church. For example, some churches have been posting videos. Get in the know about online church services and their times. Being together with family is one of the best things right now. Watch these videos and take part in church services to converse with family and connect with feelings.

How to Stay in Touch with Church

Use a device and get in touch that way. It’s understandable that you’re not face to face, but a video chat is better than anything to get in touch with the coordinator of your church. Talking about worries or anything on your mind helps. Do your job and stay home to keep you and everyone in your family safe from the risk of getting infected with the virus.

What if I Am Not Part of a Church?

It’s okay if you don’t attend church regularly. However, find a church near you and stay connected online. Nobody is ever alone. Connect with your church and the community so you can keep everything up to date.

The Importance of Staying Connected

Now is not the time to borrow up in your home and ignore communication. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors to see how they are doing in this tough process. Staying connected in the midst of social distancing is a reminder that we are all in this together.

When Did You Last Visit Your Business Plan?

When Did You Last Visit Your Business Plan

Just because your business has a current plan does not mean that it is bad to revisit. You never know, maybe your business could use a new course of action. Construct a new business plan never hurts. Here are some tips on how to change your business plan.

Why Should I Change my Business Plan?

Businesses have been evolving over the course of time. For all you know, this business plan could have been written over a decade ago. A lot can change in that quantity of time. Technology, society, and the business itself. It is necessary to update your business plan in order to construct new management, your old business plan is invalid, or the business is going into a new financial plan.

How to Change my Business Plan

1. Talk about it as a Team

Round up the team and talk about ideas for the business plan. Remember, you are not alone in this process. Hit all the important facts like products/services, finances, goals, and management team. Conjure up the pros and cons of the business and take the plan at a steady pace.

2. Research

Research your market to see what other businesses have been doing differently. Get in the know of your rivals to see if you can do something that brings customers to your products first. Next, you should do a thorough job of implementing your business plan so that it is concise to both the employees and customers.

3. Who? What? Why?

Why does someone want to invest in your product? What is the reason you are revisiting your business plan? When do you want to make these changes to make your business better? Put all the questions together and get a second opinion on your business plan. 

Google’s 3D Animals are the Wildest New Features you’re Seeing on Social Media

Google’s 3D Animals are the Wildest New Features you’re Seeing All Over Social Media

Are you searching for some creative outlet during your time in quarantine? Since you cannot take your kids to the zoo, the new Google 3D animal feature is an excellent way to bring the zoo into your home.

Google 3D Animals History on the Internet

The Google 3D animal feature has been around since 2017. Lately, due to the coronavirus, it has sparked an interest. Parents and their kids have been gaining knowledge about their favorite animals. Google’s 3D animal’s feature is the biggest entertainment among families with young children.

How Does it Work?

First things first. You should have a device all set up. The only way you can view Google 3D animals is on a computer, iPhone, or any device that connects you to the Internet. Wikipedia is filled to the brim with all sorts of fun facts about your favorite animal.

At the very bottom of the Wikipedia page, click on the link that navigates you to view a 3D version of the animal. Click on it, a description of fun facts is given about the animal, and then you have the chance to view a 3D version of the animal.

The Animal Looks so Real

Have you played a trick on someone where they enter a room and are startled to see a tiger growling at them? Google’s 3D animals are so real that you can bring them to life inside your own home.

Point your phone’s camera in the direction of where you want the animal to show up and have a blast. Don’t experience this moment without a camera. Be aware that the animals don’t walk around if that’s what you were expecting. However, the 3D versions will make noises.

Brace Yourself: Social Media is Headed Your Way

Brace Yourself: Social Media is Headed Your Way

Phones have become a significant part of everyone’s lives. In the increase of social media, teens post their whole lives for the world to see. Social media is a risk in itself for the minds of young teens who are in the midst of trying to find their social groups and be themselves.

Benefits of Social Media

You have to admit that you never would have found that friend whom you lost touch with in college if you hadn’t joined Facebook. In some ways, social media has a positive impact on our lives. Social media strengthens friendships, builds discussion in the classroom, and it is an outlet for creativity. Social media is also a way to make money online.

Why is Social Media Bad for Mental Health?

Social media has an ugly side. The Internet is one of the worst addictions. Other than a kid spending too much time on their phone, social media is bad for mental health because they’re missing out. Social media is a risk of exposure to inappropriate content geared towards adults for young minds.

On Snapchat, kids snap pictures of them hanging out without having asked the person who has no plans. On Facebook, unnecessary status updates are posted. As for Instagram, users update their life stories.

Words Hurt

These days, young adults have been communicating more via phone than face to face. Social media gives them the advantage to say things that one would never say to someone’s face. Social Media is headed our way at a vast rate to make a new form of communication that will slowly consume us, taking everyone away from social activities. As the parent, talk to your kids about what is appropriate on social media before getting overwhelmed or exposed.

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