As we progress further and deeper into the digital age, many things we once termed unnecessary are slowly but surely becoming items that are not only vital to living but also enjoying the new world.

One of the many things that some would argue falls squarely in this category is the email address. There was a time when getting an email address just didn’t seem like something that was worth the effort to set up. Fast-forward to where we are today and you quickly discover that an email address is not only profitable for personal and casual reasons but also for professional and business needs as well.

Why Email is Important

From sending funny and adorable cat memes to friends and family to using it to reach out to potential employers with your Curriculum Vitae, or even getting in touch with your precious clients to inform them about crucial aspects of your business that they stand to profit from, the email is an indispensable resource to life and everyday living in the modern age that we exist in currently.

Naturally, considering the fact that the email is something that virtually every person has or needs at the moment, quite a lot of service providers are offering email services to willing clients.

On the whole, of course, the services that they offer at its core are all free to use. However, top names in this field, like Yahoo, for example, place certain restrictions on opening an email account with them that might prove difficult for more than a few people to simply live with or casually overlook.

To be clear, and also for the sole purpose of emphasis, Yahoo happens to be one of the very best and oldest email service providers available to internet users today.

However, the fact that you need to register with a valid email address for you to gain unfettered and unbridled access to the wealth of services that they offer is something that not many people can say that they are entirely comfortable with.

That being said, there are quite a few options that are open to you to tap into here. This will let you easily bypass the phone number registration protocol and get your account set up perfectly and completely. The most notable of these options is to simply buy virtual number for SMS.

Buy a Virtual Number for the Verification Process

Before taking another step further down this road, it bears mentioning that Yahoo itself will always demand you drop a phone number. The second that you absolutely must keep in mind here is that unless you really just don’t want to, it is always better to leave your real phone number as these may prove to be of great value and use to you in the near future if something happens to your account and the need arises to retrieve your password.

For this reason, when you’re inputting the virtual number, as a suitable and considerably safer backup measure, configure in another email address you can easily access. This is what you’ll be able to use in the future if the issue of recovery comes up.

Once you buy virtual number for SMS here, you can simply log on to as usual, migrate to the create account feature, filling the necessary details, and when you come down to the section to fill your phone number, simply input the virtual number. It’ll be configured so you receive any verification message. Once you receive the information and input it, your yahoo email account is ready for use.

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Bye for now!