Are you searching for some creative outlet during your time in quarantine? Since you cannot take your kids to the zoo, the new Google 3D animal feature is an excellent way to bring the zoo into your home.

Google 3D Animals History on the Internet

The Google 3D animal feature has been around since 2017. Lately, due to the coronavirus, it has sparked an interest. Parents and their kids have been gaining knowledge about their favorite animals. Google’s 3D animal’s feature is the biggest entertainment among families with young children.

How Does it Work?

First things first. You should have a device all set up. The only way you can view Google 3D animals is on a computer, iPhone, or any device that connects you to the Internet. Wikipedia is filled to the brim with all sorts of fun facts about your favorite animal.

At the very bottom of the Wikipedia page, click on the link that navigates you to view a 3D version of the animal. Click on it, a description of fun facts is given about the animal, and then you have the chance to view a 3D version of the animal.

The Animal Looks so Real

Have you played a trick on someone where they enter a room and are startled to see a tiger growling at them? Google’s 3D animals are so real that you can bring them to life inside your own home.

Point your phone’s camera in the direction of where you want the animal to show up and have a blast. Don’t experience this moment without a camera. Be aware that the animals don’t walk around if that’s what you were expecting. However, the 3D versions will make noises.