Phones have become a significant part of everyone’s lives. In the increase of social media, teens post their whole lives for the world to see. Social media is a risk in itself for the minds of young teens who are in the midst of trying to find their social groups and be themselves.

Benefits of Social Media

You have to admit that you never would have found that friend whom you lost touch with in college if you hadn’t joined Facebook. In some ways, social media has a positive impact on our lives. Social media strengthens friendships, builds discussion in the classroom, and it is an outlet for creativity. Social media is also a way to make money online.

Why is Social Media Bad for Mental Health?

Social media has an ugly side. The Internet is one of the worst addictions. Other than a kid spending too much time on their phone, social media is bad for mental health because they’re missing out. Social media is a risk of exposure to inappropriate content geared towards adults for young minds.

On Snapchat, kids snap pictures of them hanging out without having asked the person who has no plans. On Facebook, unnecessary status updates are posted. As for Instagram, users update their life stories.

Words Hurt

These days, young adults have been communicating more via phone than face to face. Social media gives them the advantage to say things that one would never say to someone’s face. Social Media is headed our way at a vast rate to make a new form of communication that will slowly consume us, taking everyone away from social activities. As the parent, talk to your kids about what is appropriate on social media before getting overwhelmed or exposed.