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5 Things to Know Before Going to Egypt

5 Things to Know Before Going to Egypt

Visiting Egypt is a lifetime opportunity, which make is quite a sought-after tourist destination. From temples to tombs and from pyramids to gardens, Egypt is filled with amazing places to see. A lot of countries offer their residents easier visa facilities that make the process of visiting Egypt quite stress-free. However, there are the five things that you should definitely know before going to Egypt and they are as follows:

1) The Egyptian Museum is magnificent

The government of Egypt has spent a whooping amount of one billion dollars on the construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The management of the museum requires even more amount to be paid. Being magnificent and exquisite, this museum is quite a sight with a glass construction that is extremely modernist and layout that is quite well crafted. Located in the middle of Cairo, it still exudes an aura of calmness and peace. The Royal Mummy Room is the place where mummies of kings and queens are stored, making the museum one of a kind.

2) The peace exuding Nile Cruise

If you are a water baby, the Nile cruise will make you want to visit Egypt right now. It will help you in exploring the river Nile in great details. While cruising, you will be able to see the small villages on both the sides, which will add to your pleasure. The light waves, smooth wind and blue water will make your experience worthwhile.

3) The unaffected Pyramids of Giza

Though a lot of people visit Egypt to view the pyramids, they don’t really have all the information regarding them. These pyramids are basically anti-climactic, which means that no kind of change can affect their construction.

4) Not easy on the pocket

A lot of tourists are really not aware of the fact that visiting Egypt is not that pocket friendly. Rather, it is quite a costly country and one needs to splurge a lot to have a good time there.

5) Sound and light show is over-rated

Though excessively hailed on social media, the sound and light show in Egypt is not as magnificent as is considered to be. Hence the tourists should not expect too much from it.