Whether you are a professional tool user who specializes in working on automobiles or appliances, or you just want to have a good place to store all of your tools, you are going to need a toolbox that works for you and the space that you have.

Depending upon where and how you are going to use your tools, there are a number of different toolbox options available to you.  Here is a quick list and explanation of a few of them.

Roller Cabinets

A roller cabinet tool box is perfect for the garage.  If you are working on cars regularly, you can store a whole lot of tools in a large, moveable cabinet.  This means that you can wheel all of your tools out when you need them and then store them back against a wall or in a corner when you are not using them.

This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to be able to easily access their tools while they are working in a garage.

Tool Drawers

roller cabinet tool box

If you do not have a whole lot of tools to store and also do not have a whole lot of room, a simple drawer or set of drawers might be perfect for you.  The best part is that these smaller drawer sets will also cost you a lot less money than an entire roller cabinet or large box.

For those tight on money or space but need a good way to organize their tools, this is the best way to go.

Road Boxes

A road box is a large tool box that can easily be moved from one place to another on wheels.  It isn’t as big as a roller cabinet, but it is also far more mobile than most roller cabinets.