Granite and stone is lovely. It is an addition to your property which is attractive and reliable. But it also has the disadvantage of being pricey. Each individual piece is not so expensive but when you look at the costs of a whole projects it soon begins to mount up.

There is an alternative – the product GraniteLite looks like the real thing but weighs and costs significantly less.


Just to put things into context, here’s a price comparison. A granite mailbox post costs somewhere in the region of $230 – $ 300, while a GraniteLite post is $180. Now parley that sort of price difference into a big project and suddenly granite panels lowell ma begin to look seriously attractive.

But do they work?

granite panels lowell ma

GraniteLite is a veneer of granite adhered to a core reflecting the type of job that it is there to do. The thickness of the granite layer may change but maybe only millimeters, hence making the difference on weight and the cost.

Looks like Granite

It looks like granite because the veneer means it is. It has the feel too, and the durability, and you can use it for all of the projects you would use granite, steps, lantern posts and mailbox supports.

No special considerations

You would treat GraniteLite as you would any other post type. Place a gravel layer for drainage at the bottom of a 2-foot deep hole. Level it properly, and then pour about a foot of quick-drying concrete. Make sure the post is vertical before it sets.

Allow it to harden for at least 24 hours. During this entire time the ambient temperature should be above 40⁰F for the concrete to harden properly. Then add the other hardware when it has set securely.