Concrete pavers can be made attractive through the process of architectural hydra pressing. These hydrapressed concrete pavers are supported by pedestals. They are always stunning in any setting. They are perfect for your residential and municipal applications. They also serve a good and functional purpose, over and above the aesthetics, in the commercial environments. This will include terraces, pedestrian plazas, garden themed patios as well as pool decks. 

hydrapressed concrete pavers

Take note of the meaning of the word hydra. More on that later. Hydra pressed slabs are manufactured to exact standards. This is exceptional for a product that so strong and durable, as well as beautiful. From the aesthetic point of view, customers can pick out slabs in a variety of colors and finishes. These can include the shot blast look to the slate texture which replicates the natural stone look. Top edges are slightly chamfered to give you that finished look.

On the subject of hydra, the stones can accommodate the elements. In other words, it will not be damaged when it rains. In any case, the concrete pavers are also elevated. They are above ground level and are not at risk of flooding. But not to be overlooked are still the skies. It can pore down quite heavily and precipitation could hit your pavers like a ton of bricks. To this end, the elevated deck systems are fully equipped with plumbing and drainage features.

Water is allowed to seem through these outlets. The smart looking paving remains safe to walk across. Thinking safety and security is critical in public and commercial spaces. Customers in this area can have custom paving done to accommodate the volume and type of foot traffic expected. Particularly in the commercial space, railings are provided as a shield against exterior work processes.